Monday, July 25, 2016

Summertime Fun, Baking Fig Muffins with Fiddler Dave, and upcoming travels to New Hope, PA

Hey there friends,

We have had a busy Molasses Creek summer here on Ocracoke. The heat is on and figs are ripening quickly. Fiddler Dave and his household have been quickly picking and canning as much as possible. Gary Mitchell cycled up Howard Street for a video interview with him about making his famous Fig Muffins (recipe included). Check it out below.

Molasses Creek tours to New Hope, PA in September

Molasses Creek will be traveling to play two dates at the Buck County Cabaret in New Hope, PA outside of Philadelphia on Friday, September 23rd & Saturday, Sept 24th. Click on the link below to find out more on how to get tickets to this dinner theater extravaganza! We hope to see you there!

Molasses Creek Shoots a "HOT" New Video for the People Get Ready Album. 

Right after the close of this year's Ocrafolk Festival, we had yet another international film adventure with our friends Andrea Tani (of Florence, Italy), and Matt Mitchell (of North Carolina). On a toasty summer day in early June, the Molasses Creek crew loaded up various vehicles with costumes and props and set forth to the northern end of Ocracoke Island to shoot a video for the song, "You Go to Your Church and I'll Go to Mine." The baking sun was just working itself into the sky at 9 AM when we spilled out onto the beach to begin work.

Most videos are split between clips of musical performance and footage of a storyline that may or may not have anything to do with the song. The song, "You Go to Your Church, I'll Go to Mine" celebrates the common humanity that knits together our diverse cultures throughout this great world. In the storyline for our video, Gerald Hampton (in full suit and top hat) plays a wandering vagabond that plops down next to a graveside, out of which springs the rest of the Molasses Creek band to join him in a musical reverie. All we can say is that digging your own grave in the sand at 4 PM in the summer afternoon is a bonding experience. We'll let ya know when one goes live!

Join Fiddler Dave & Gary Mitchell for a Tutorial on Fig Muffin Baking

You too can become a Fig Muffin Master. Take a look at this video!